My Color Palette

Version: 1.4New
Date: May 7, 2009
File Size: 37.3 MB
Company: Carl Midgley
Platforms: Windows XP & Vista
License: Shareware
Price: Free to try; $20.00 to buy
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Download My Color Palette

  • 16,777,216 Possible Web     Colors
  • 5 Color Boards
  • 1 Color Cube
  • 12 Space Color Palette
  • Open picture files for color     extraction
  • Save Palette files for use at     a later time
  • Import colors from HTML     documents
  • Export an HTML Color     Swatch
  • Compare font color against     background color
  • One click copies various     values to the Windows     Clipboard

To Purchase My Color Palette 1.2

     Thank you for considering the purchase of My Color Palette. There are a couple ways to pay, one is by Paypal and the other is by Cheque or Money Order. Once payment is received along with you Registration Name I will email you your corresponding license key which will remove the splash screen.

Your payment is greatly appreciated and will help to support the maintenance and improvement of this software.

Thank you,


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Carl Midgley
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Carl Midgley
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