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My Color Palette

Version: 1.4New
Date: May 7, 2009
File Size: 37.3 MB
Company: Carl Midgley
Platforms: Windows XP & Vista
License: Shareware
Price: Free to try; $20.00 to buy
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Editor's Choice

  • 16,777,216 Possible Web     Colors
  • 5 Color Boards
  • 1 Color Cube
  • 12 Space Color Palette
  • Open picture files for color     extraction
  • Save Palette files for use at     a later time
  • Import colors from HTML     documents
  • Export an HTML Color     Swatch
  • Compare font color against     background color
  • One click copies various     values to the Windows     Clipboard

Software Description

My Color Palette Icon

My Color Palette is a great little tool for picking, editing and storing colors and/or color palettes of up to 12 colors. Colors can be imported from HTML files or previously saved color palettes. They can also be obtained from one of the program's five color boards and/or 24bit Color Cube. The Color Cube contains all 16,777,216 colors. One of the color boards is capable of importing a Main Screen Shot picture file for color extraction. This can be a useful tool when trying to put together a matching color palette. You can obtain matching color cards from your local paint store, scan them into a picture file, import the picture file into a color board and extract the colors. The colors can then be saved to a color palette for use at a later time. My color palette gives you the color code in Hex RGB ("#000000") or numeric
RGB ("rgb(100,255,100)"), some colors are also displayed in browser recognized names. There are 16,777,216 possible colors in 24 bit RGB color. My Color Palette makes it easy to access and store any of those colors. I designed this program for people that prefer to design and build their web sites using a text editor instead of WYSIWYG programs which have color picking tools built in. My Color Palette can also be a useful tool for those learning HTML and 24 bit color concepts. If you try my program I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

The 24 Bit Color Cube

Choosing your colors just got easier with the power of the Color Cube. The Color Cube contains all possible 24 bit colors all of which are unique. The cube contains 256 Red values by 256 Green Values by 256 Blue values totalling 16,777,216 individual color pixels. The diagram above and to the left and center illustrates the front or visible sides of the cube and the illustration to the right of that represents the back or unseen sides of the cube. The red lines illustrate where the individual layers are as you are scrolling through the cube. Each layer contains 256 values of Red by 256 values of Blue at the value of the Green layer.

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